“My photography has taught me to see the beauty of the world around us.”

Jason Childs has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. He is a photojournalist. “My signature style and talent is capturing the definitive moment, balanced with my knowledge of light, my images have the sense of the intimate, majestic and the bold. My success derives from my patient single-minded pursuit to capture the definitive moment.”

Jason’s lifelong fascination with the ocean has played an important part in keeping his photography in balance. An avid surfer and jet ski expert, Jason has also established himself as one of the most valued and prolifically published surf photographers in the sport.

Since 1985, his surfing and beach lifestyle photography has stood firmly among the best in the world and have graced the covers of every major surf and beach lifestyle magazine on the globe. Including the prestigious USA publication, Surfer Magazine, where, after decades of covers and features, he still serves as senior staff photographer.

“The ocean is where I feel at peace and free” says Jason, “it is where I feel most connected to the natural beauty of this planet. Photographing the waves and the ocean’s moods make it a very unique challenge. Whether swimming and shooting in the surf or climbing a cliff to get an angle…it is all about bringing the viewer into another world”.

His photography continues to evolve on many levels, and now with a family of his own, Jason feel’s a deep connection to portraiture and capturing the intimacies, love and honesty within family groups. Jason is experienced and professional, relaxed and unobtrusive, but persuasive. His favourite studio is the outdoors so shooting is always relaxed and natural.

Jason remains a photojournalist at heart. A passionate artist who continues to dedicate his life’s work to the capturing of the moments, times and places of our lives.
26th October, 2016