As a photographer I’m experienced and as passionate as they come. For over thirty years I have been working as an in-demand professional photographer. My fascination with the ocean, cultures and travel has played an important role in keeping my worldly photography evolving.

Described as “A technical wizard… yet artistic in all fields, muscular in scope, yet sensitive to the moment” Jason has been depended upon, covering a wide range of subjects from headlines news, to sports magazine features, to indigenous people’s lifestyles, to creative advertising campaigns, portraiture and aerial photography and video. These are the hallmarks of his work that continues in earnest today.

My job is a lifelong passion! “The ocean is where I feel at peace and free” says Jason, “it is where I feel most connected to the natural beauty of this planet. Photographing the waves and the ocean’s moods make it a very unique challenge. Whether swimming and shooting in the surf or climbing a cliff to get an angle…it is all about bringing the viewer into another world”. Travel photography is more than just the exotic locations and luxury boats and hotels, it’s about the adventure and the friendships with people I meet along the way that define my experiences and imagery.”

In the last five years, Jason has evolved his photography and embraced technology and technical developments in photography-his latest weapon of choice is the drone.

In 2020 I have added to my drone skills with the Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) and Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC) that now allows me to operate a for Multi-rotor (drone) commercially anywhere in Australia under the CASA body. I’ll continue to produce high quality aerial cinematography and photography for the surf, media, advertising, real estate and tourism industries as well as indulging and taking my passion of photograph and video to new heights with the drone!

“I’m loving the amazing action, landscapes and wave images I’ve been getting with the drone, shooting both photos and video! It’s the most exciting piece of equipment that I have used since auto focus lenses came out over 25 years ago! I’ve been dreaming of the images I could shoot from the air for so long, but it’s much, much more than I could ever have imagined. Abstract shapes and colours; capturing the fierce grandeur of the land and seascape, the beauty from above is something to behold. My clients seem as excited as I am by the imagery, and it keeps my passion alive, and excites me every time I fly. It makes the old new and fresh again. How good is that!”

“I feel like the new chapter of my life has begun. And I’m loving it!”

Truly, a passionate artist who continues to dedicate his life’s work to the capturing of the events and times of our lives.

December 2020.