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Ground Zero-Mourning Site
Kuta 07 (c) ChildsW
Kuta 08 (c) ChildsW
Cleansing ceremony after the Bali Bombing, Kuta Beach Temple Nov 2002
Security at the courtW
Amrozi 04cW
Amrozi 04(c)CHILDSw
Amrozi 00-ChildsB&Ww
Amrozi 02-ChildsB&Ww
Sumudra-Photo Childs
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Bali Bombings- Jimbaran

The Jimbaran Bay I know is a mellow, out of the way spot where kids play soccer on the beach, tourists stroll and seafood lovers go to get great seafood and experience the world famous sunset. Jimbaran Bay is a beautiful spot, but those who know Bali were shocked and saddened to hear that Jimbaran Bay was one of the places targeted by terrorists.

I was at home nearby when the bombs went off and was on the beach minutes after the explosions. I photographed the scene, as people lay dead, others were dying and my friends, the local Balinese and tourists pitched in to comfort the injured and do what they could to help while onlookers screamed “there’s more bombs”.

Sadly these images needed to be recorded to show the world why we need peace. They were featured on Getty Images and seen around the world.